Ferrets Are Quick

What is Sorry as a Service?

Sorry as a Service is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows companies to send personalized delights to their customers through the post, thus, enhancing the customer experience and making sure that small mistakes don’t turn into big amounts of lost customers.

Do people know that SaaS is sending the item?

Nope. As much as we’d love to plug our name into every mailbox in the country, that’s not what it’s about. The items come with your personalized message and only yours. We just do the legwork.

Why should I use SaaS?

Let’s be honest. So many interactions today are automated. We believe that companies can and should do better to talk to their customers. That’s why SaaS is a great opportunity for your business to add that personal touch no matter if you’re apologizing, thanking, or just saying hello to your customers.

Can I only send sorries?

No way, Jose. You can send a delight for any occasion you like. Feel super excited that today is a Tuesday and want to share the happiness with every single one of your customers? BOOM. We’ve got you covered. Our items can be customized for birthdays, thank yous, hellos, “I miss yous”, and most other occasions.

Do I have to email you everytime I want to send something?

Good question. If you really like our sales people and just feel like talking to them on a daily basis, I guess….but if you’d love technology to do the work for you, we actually integrate into your existing CRM software and give you this cute little widget that automatically prefills customer information and all you gotta do is a pick a delight and craft your message (we even have templates for those too). Easy peasy.

Can I use my custom made CRM?

Yup. Just get in touch with us and we can get you sending sorries in a heartbeat. (Kudos to you and your super fancy custom CRM)

Where can I send all those snazzy delights?

We currently have our fancy handwriting and yummy cookie making specialists in the UK, Ireland, and Estonia. But not to worry. We already have plans to take over the world so more countries will be added all the time.

How do I sign up?

Just go to our site and sign up by clicking the “Start Now” button. Fill out some basic contact information and the Sorry as a Service team will get you sending goodies in no time.

What are the benefits?

338 billion USD annually are lost due to this “switching economy” when customers changes product or service provider due to a bad customer experience. Showing your customers that you care enough to send them a personalized delight can help you improve customer loyalty and reduce negative word-of-mouth.

What do the sorries look like and how long do they take?

Our sorries can come in card, chocolate, biscuit, or even flower form among others. We have an extensive selection of delights available through our platform all fulfilled by the highest quality suppliers. On average, your personalized gift reaches your customer’s mailbox in just two days.