Customer happiness. In a (post)box.
We send handmade gifts to your customers all over the world.
Say thanks, apologise or congratulate — you choose, we do the rest.

Sorry as a Service is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows companies to minimize any damage from a faux-pas, and express their human side by making their customers happy with physical personalised delights. The gifts are sent through the good ol’ post at the touch of a button with our technology.

In essence, we turn your customer’s complaints into revenue through apologies sent out by us on your behalf. You point to the unhappy customer and we take care of the rest.

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Sorry as a Service LTD
20 Ropemaker Street
United Kingdom


Sorry as a Service OÜ
Vabriku 6


Sorry as a Service (France)
39, rue du Caire

Meet the founders

Indrek Poldvee / Co-founder

Indrek survived through teaching English in India and Nepal. Has organized over 100 events in his lifetime. A positive person that (sometimes) makes good jokes.

Martin McGloin / Co-founder

As a Consultant in Accenture he helped build a digital innovation team at a top UK retailer, before getting involved with growth at TransferWise as a product marketing tech lead. His current passion is unlocking the full potential that a customer complaint can be, if responded with by a great and sincere sorry.

As an Norwegian-Irishman he has a curious accent, though should be understandable.

Sabine Sipunova / Co-founder

Sabine started her career as a VC analyst and decided to sit on the other side of the table. An entrepreneurial personality bursting with creative ideas. Lover of fashion and wine.

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Etibar Hasanov

Lead Software Hackstar

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